A downloadable game for Android

[The game is currently under development . I'll try to release a new build every weekend, until it's release]

Electric Sheep is an Isometric platform game characterized by a strong Retrowave visual  style and music. The game goal is to complete the levels, avoiding  to being destroyed. 

Electric Sheep is an isometric platform game,  developed for the Cyberpunk Game Jam 2019.


Android Build (Google Drive)

Development log


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Looks nice, but very short. I didn't like the movement controls, but it makes some sense if you're aiming for mobile.

First comment! Also it looks super cool. I'm downloading it now to play. 


Well, thank you 😂... Jokes aside let me know your thoughts about it, I'm working on some changes and I'm hoping to release a new version by the end of next week.

To be honest I wasn't joking. Now that I've downloaded it, I see it's still very much a WIP. But the Aesthetics are on point and there is a ton of potential.  I'm excited to see where you take it. 

I know you weren't joking, it's just a way of saying that we have in Italy 😅. Thank you, very much.

Moreover, I would like to ask you, would you mind sharing the game with your friends or whoever you want? I gonna need more feedbacks, especially if I want to release it for this October, even if it means make a game worth playing even for just a few minutes.